Member privileges

  •   Franc Copain subscription
  •   Discount on the subscription to the "Le Gaboteur" Journal ($10 / year)
  •   Discount on the price of tickets for shows presented in Fermont (Labrador City resident)
  •   Reduced entrance fee for activities organized by the AFL
  •   Access to a computer for personal use or to browse the Internet
  •   Participation in competitions and draws (literary promotion, music promotion, fun prizes)
  •   Borrowing equipment, magazines, videos and other items
  •   Voting rights at the AFL Annual General Meeting
  •   Eligibility to sit on the AFL Board of Directors
  •   Various workshops in French at reduced prices
  •   Free photocopies (30 / year) 



  •   Availability of a meeting room
  •   Loan of premises
  •   Translation
  •   Interpreter
  •   Tourist information
  •   Information for Newcomers
  •   Photocopies and faxes
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