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The Association régionale de la côte ouest (ARCO) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization. ARCO was founded in 1995 and is the umbrella organization for the region's three Francophone associations. The organization manages the community sector of the Centre scolaire et communautaire Sainte-Anne. ARCO is governed by a board of directors made up of members of the three Francophone associations.

ARCO's mission is to protect, promote, and ensure the development of the French language and culture within the Francophone population on the west coast of Newfoundland.  Planning and coordination are central to this mission and to the community's overall development.

They are 3 francophone communities on Port-au-Port peninsula. Each community had is one local association, member of ARCO, which organise sociocultural activities.

The three local associations are:

  • L'Héritage de l'Île Rouge
    L'Héritage de l'Île Rouge is situated in the Centre scolaire et communautaire Sainte-Anne.
  • Les Terre-Neuviens Français
    The Les Terre-Neuviens Français center is situated in Cape St. George.
  • Chez les Français de l'Anse-à-Canards
    The Chez les Français de l'Anse-à-Canards center is situated in Black Duck Brook.


What do they do?

These associations organize sociocultural activities for everyone:

  • New Year's Eve Ball
  • Fête de la Chandeleur
  • Winter carnival
  • Journée de la francophonie
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste walk
  • A variety of festivals
  • Dance parties
  • Soc-hop (dance for young people with games, prizes, music, and cantine services)
  • Movie nights




To accomplish its mission, ARCO is equipped with a full-time staff whose job is related to community, cultural, and economic development. The staff provides administrative support and incidental services that are needed for community development.



        • To plan, develop, and carry out a program that will meet the needs of the three Francophone and Acadian communities on the Port au Port Peninsula;
        • To foster the development of organizations and working groups that will contribute to the development of the community;
        • To create an environment that will stimulate the sense of pride in the French language and culture in an effort to curb assimilation;
        • To educate the Anglophone population about the French fact and encourage them to participate in various events.


          To reach its goals, ARCO must:

          • Hire and manage the staff necessary  to offer services to the Francophone community on the Port au Port Peninsula;
          • Ensure that the region's three community centers are running smoothly so that they can serve the target clientele with effective management and strong financial control;
          • Identify the needs of the communities and help them take advantage of programs and services;
          • Establish and coordinate a development action plan;
          • Help volunteers get organized in order to offer new services to the community;
          • Identify and take advantage of creation programs and grants to carry out certain projects;
          • Encourage participation in French courses;
          • Promote French culture by all means possible, but more specifically by implementing an electronic communications network such as a community radio or television station;
          • Ensure a Francophone presence within predominantly Anglophone organizations;
          • Encourage the population to return to their roots by organizing an archive researching system as well as historical and cultural expositions.



          ARCO organizes cultural activities for residents of the Port au Port peninsula. In the fall and winter, several cultural courses are offered in French, including painting, sewing, quilting, guitar, and traditional dance. Literacy and Francization training courses are also offered during the school year.

          The Centre scolaire et communautaire Sainte-Anne offers photocopying, faxing, internet, and library services. Organizations and residents of Mainland also have access to the kitchen, cafeteria, studio, gym, and meeting rooms for their activities. The resource center and the pre-school service are managed by the Fédération des parents.


          Board of Directors

          ARCO is governed by a board of directors made up of members of the three Francophone associations.

          • Dwight Cornect, President
          • Naomi Félix-Gaddes, Vice-President
          • Dillon Jesso, Treasurer
          • Diana White, Secretary
          • Tony Cornect, Director
          • Rubey Barter, Director
          • Patsy Félix, Director

           Board Members



          Boîte 190, RR#1,, La Grand'Terre (Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador) A0N 1R0
          Phone: 709-702-3771
          Fax: (709) 642-5164

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