Advisory Committee

  • Innovation: be creative proposing efficient, effective and responsive health services in French to the francophone community.
  • Integrity: maintain a coherent thought, action and discourse, and demonstrate transparency in the management of public funds.
  • Collaboration: have an open-minded attitude with RSFTNL partners.
  • Rigor: maintain high quality standards and base actions on verifiable data to ensure RSFTNL credibility.



Members :

  • Mrs. Adrienne Pratt, Executive Director of the ACFSJ, voting member
  • Mrs. Clothilde Raydon, Representing Avalon
  • Mrs. Catherine Fenwick, Executive Director of the ARCO, voting member
  • Vacancy - Representing the Port-au-Port Peninsula
  • Mrs. Sophie Lalancette, Executive Director of the AFL, voting member
  • Mrs. Isabelle Plasse, Representing Labrador
  • Mrs Maria Matthews, Academic Institutions Representative (MUN)
  • Mrs. Simone Dyall, Gov. of NL : Department of Health and Community Services
  • Mr. James Prowse, Gov. of NL: Office of French Services
  • Mrs. Sophie Thibodeau, Provincial representative of the SSF´s administrative council
  • Mr.Cyrilda Poirier, President of the FFTNL, voting member
  • Mr. Gaël Corbineau, Executive Director of the FFTNL, voting member
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