eQUITY Link: platform for healthcare professionals and management

The Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l'Ontario, supported by the SSF and Health Canada, enthusiastically announces the launch of the eQUITY Link platform. This initiative aims to support health, social, and community service managers in order to promote the equity of access to health services in French. With the assistance of the RSFTNL, this platform is also available in NL in both English and French:


Accès éQUITÉ


hello bonjour pins

The Hello!/Bonjour! program is a series of tools for people workign in the health care field to let their patients/clients know that they can also be served in French. By wearing a pin or displaying the Hello!/Bonjour! logo in your workplace, you are showing your commitment to meeting your patients' needs and offering safe, patient-centred services.
You can help French-speakers regardless of your level of French. Join the growing number of people working in the health care field in Newfoundland and Labrador who are offering services in French by taking part in the Hello/Bonjour campaign.

Several tools, such as pins, stickers, and posters are available free of charge.



The tools for Hello/Bonjour can be ordered free of charge by people working in the health care sector by communication with the director of the Réseau Santé.


     Clear communication in health care - we all win

The Francophone health care networks of Newfoundland and Labrador (RSFTNL) and Yukon (PCS) have elected to put together a business case for the importance of linguistic and cultural competence targeting translation-interpretation and navigation services as transitional solutions.

There are many solutions that range from symbolic: "Hello, Bonjour" to the ideal: a completely bilingual institution. The translation-interpretation and navigation are preferred solutions to improve the quality of care in French.  However, they must be seen as transitional solutions.



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